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National Center for Rural Road Safety
NHTSA - Kid & Adult Make Seat Belt Excuses
Tribal School Zone Safety
Guide for Effective Tribal Crash Reporting NCHRP Report 788

This guidebook presents guidance for state agencies and tribal leaders in effective crash reporting. The guidebook is developed based on best practices, success stories, lessons learned, published literature, and data from tribes and states that were involved in the data collection... .

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Developing Safety Plans A Manual for Local Rural Road Owners

Local road practitioners across the country play a critical role in addressing crash risks at the local level and may be able to identify the specific or unique conditions that contribute to crashes within their jurisdictions. The Local Road Safety Plan (LRSP) offers a foundation for consensus and focus.

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A Systemic Approach to Safety FHWA Office of Safety

Highway safety improvement projects are designed to improve safety by minimizing or eliminating risk to roadway users. Rather than managing risk at certain locations, a systemic approach takes a broader view and looks at risk across an entire roadway system. A system-based approach acknowledges crashes...

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